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Apr 26, 2014

The Protected Legacy of the Buddha

[The following message is based on Dhamma realities and compassion - to avoid action harming oneself and others. This is not intended to disrespect or hurt anyone.]

Any individual, or group of individuals, who have decided not to serve according to guidance of Principal Vipassana Teacher Sayagyi U Goenka - his guidance given in accordance to teachings of the Sammasambuddhas - are respectfully requested to immediately resign from the Dhamma responsibility assigned by him, before his passing away.

Our deepest good wishes are with them.

Even during the lifetime of Sayagyi U Goenka, some voluntarily left this highly de-centralized Dhamma organization to teach on their own, to do whatever they deemed is right. He had metta for them, and some of them expressed gratitude to their former teacher.

Likewise, after the Principal Vipassana Sayagyi U Goenka's passing away, any individuals in any level of seniority, and 'followers' of such individuals, are free to do whatever they deem to be right - after they have left the Dhamma organization that is committed to serving under the Principal Teacher's compassionate guidance and instructions: to share the pure Vipassana teaching of the Sammasambuddhas, for happiness and liberation of all beings.

But great harm can be done if individuals trusted with positions of very senior responsibility betray that trust - by allowing themselves to be overpowered by latent impurities, ego and gross delusion - and start creating turmoil within the organization.

Such deluded / disturbed individuals causing disturbance to others - such as by sending agitated or dangerously deluded e-mails (with their assumptions and presumptions) - are greatly harming themselves first. It is better they calmly accept the reality that they are presently not fit for Dhamma service, and better they invest more time to practice Vipassana and reduce the ego.

The Dhamma is protected by Dhamma.

"The Time-Clock of Vipassana has Struck".

We are under the protective shelter of Dhamma. May none be deluded like the little dog that he is carrying the Dhamma cart. Dhamma is carrying the Dhamma cart.

Those with gratitude and practical understanding of Dhamma, will be now serving normally, and continuing to serve normally in Vipassana courses, as they did during the lifetime of Sayagyi U Goenka.

All Co-Ordinator Area Teachers entrusted with the Dhamma legacy have been entrusted to ensure there is no discord, disharmony - as is bound to be if any individual, or group of individuals, act in defiance of the Principal Teacher Sayagyi U Goenka's last and lasting instructions.

May there be no discord, disharmony.

May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated.