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Jul 31, 2009

Global Pagoda and the Power of Giving

To give for the welfare of all beings, without expecting anything in return, is the highest welfare one can gain. This is a law of nature, in the pure Dhamma tradition, that a Vipassana student directly experiences: the one who gives feels most grateful to the one who accepts.

"The gift of Dhamma Dāna, that leads to the welfare and liberation of beings from all suffering, is the highest gift," said Gotama the Buddha, as did wise people of the past and present.

" Dāna, when given with pure volition, is highly beneficial and makes our unhealthy minds healthy," says Principal Vipassana teacher Sayagyi U Goenka. "When one gives dāna, the mind which is filled with avarice, harshness, enmity, selfishness, miserliness, and dullness, becomes noble, gentle, tender, tranquil, generous, virtuous and lively."

More important that the quantity of dāna is the quality of the volition of the mind when giving, as Goenkaji explains in "Right Volition Of Dāna".

One gives to reduce the ego and be happier, not to increase suffering by increasing one's ego.

Grateful Vipassana students start experiencing such benefits of the laws of nature at a deeper level. By giving, we gain. We also realize how one loses absolutely nothing by donating services, time, money and the mental volition "may all beings be happy." Instead one feels much stronger, happier and more secure.

The best investment in life that one can make is a Dhamma investment. Dhamma takes good care, now and in future.

The Global Pagoda presents a rare oppurtunity to share all the benefits one has gained. To participate in such a project that is emerging to benefit humanity for millennia, is an invaluable chance of a lifetime.

"To give dāna, with the right volition of mind, is the fundamental duty of householders, " says Sayagyi U Goenka. "In the ancient spiritual tradition of India, dāna has always had special importance."

Fortunately, these weakened ancient traditions are returning, gaining strength and leading to a more prosperous India. That the Global Pagoda has been built with voluntary donations is another proof of such beneficial ancient traditions returning to immensely benefit India, Asia and all countries in the world. The next phase of work in the Global Pagoda is in progress. May all beings benefit from it.