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May 4, 2015

May All Beings be Liberated

Dhammaṃ saraṇaṃ gacchāmi

A Sammasambuddha is interested only in the liberation of all beings, for you to make right efforts to liberate yourself from all suffering. For this, practice of Vipassana is essential to purify the mind, and live a wholesome life from moment to moment, day to day. In the impermanence of all things in life, death can come any moment. One has to be prepared. Time is now.

The actual practice of Vipassana is most important. Nothing else. The Sammasambuddhas are not interested that people pay respect to their images, statues, relics etc. Or that everyone should know that it is the Buddha that rediscovered Vipassana. Vipassana is for all. The only real way of paying respect, and expressing infinite gratitude, is to purify the mind with Vipassana practice - and serve all beings. Those in the lineage of the Sammasambuddhas are required to fearlessly give up their lives to serve in Dhamma, life after life, aeons after aeons. They may make mistakes, stumble and fall, but they have to learn, do penance and proceed on the journey. They fight the dark forces of Mara, and are victorious.

May all Dhamma wishes of most compassionate Vipassana teacher Sayagyi U Goenka come true. May the ones among his students whom he recognized as being in the lineage of the Sammasambuddhas work tirelessly to fulfill their Dhamma destiny. May they reach the state of ultra-purity needed to serve all beings. May the guidance given and protection of Dhamma continue to be with them.

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Adhitthana - Strong Determination

Adhitthana, meaning strong determination, is the backbone of the ten paramis* (qualities to be perfected for full enlightenment. Please see note below). All ten paramis are needed and developed by Vipassana practice to fully purify the mind, and to share with all beings benefits thereby gained.

Adhitthana must be strongly developed to gain strength of mind to fulfill all  paramis.

Greater benefits from a most beneficial Dhamma service undertaking, greater could be hurdles, obstacles, fears, distractions, storms and temptations to pause, postpone or give up the work. Using the latent impurities in one's mind, Mara is always playing tricks. But the parami of adhitthana gained through Vipassana practice gives strength to stay the course (being continuously aware of impermanence of sensations), and continue undeterred in endless Dhamma service to all beings.

Attending the course after one's application has been confirmed is one adhitthana (strong determination) undertaking fulfilled. Steadfast, unshakeable, iron-will to undertake, complete the Vipassana course. No weak mind of surrendering to negative forces within, and postponing by saying "I will do it later. This is not the time for me." Time is now. 

During a Vipassana course, students develop adhitthana parami at various levels. The student follows the necessary beneficial rules and code of discipline for the course duration. At a much deeper level, the three one-hour group meditations daily during a course (8.00 am to 9.00 am, 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm and 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm) with strong adhitthana purifies the mind and develops adhitthana.

For this one hour, the student resolves not to change posture, not to make any movement of the body and observe objectively impermanent, changing sensations that arise and pass away within one's physical structure. For instance, the sensation of pain could feel like hot daggers driven into the body. The earlier habit pattern was to react blindly with aversion, thereby multiplying the suffering. Now one observes the biochemical flow of sensations as it is, with balance of mind, without any evaluation or past conditioning. 

Developing in determination, a Vipassana student trains oneself to objectively observe this changing phenomena within. Not to roll in thoughts, pleasant or unpleasant. Whatever sensation manifesting in the body is used as a tool to develop equanimity. This equanimity purifies the mind at its root level, and strengthens the parami of adhitthana.

Without adhitthana, no Dhamma commitment can be fulfilled.

Strong, resolute determination is root of success in every undertaking. Fully steady the mind. All wandering, wavering of the mind, weakness and temptations must be overcome in steadfast progress towards the Dhamma goal, however long it takes, however hard the path may be.

Developing his paramis in lives across countless aeons, the ascetic Gotama had reached the last night before attaining full enlightenment. On that full moon night on  banks of Neranjara river, he took adhitthana not to arise from his seat of meditation - not even if his bones were scattered - until he reached his final goal of total purification of the mind . This fixed determination, accumulated purity, and unshakeable will-power enabled him to steadfastly overcome all negative, anti-Dhamma forces trying to distract, stop him from the path.

Even after attaining full enlightenment, the Sammasambuddha continued living the life of an ascetic. He could have spent the remainder of his life in the luxury of his father's place. Or he could have taught Vipassana living in palaces of the kings who were dedicated Vipassana students. But out of infinite compassion for all beings, he lived the life of a homeless ascetic - to show the world what is real, most superior happiness. Not luxuries and physical comforts, but the deep peace, happiness and mental comfort of a pure mind with non-attachment to anything.

(Above picture is from exhibition gallery of Global Vipassana Pagoda, Bombay, India.)
"Adhitthana literally means determination, resolution or fixedness of purpose. Adhitthana can be regarded as a foundation for all the perfections, because without a firm determination one cannot fulfill the other Paramitas. Although one’s determination can be extended to either desirable or undesirable way; it should be clearly understood that the determination for the line of unwholesome deeds cannot be regarded as a perfection.
A person with a wavering mind or who sits on the fence cannot succeed in any undertaking. One must have an iron-will, an unshakable determination to overcome any difficulties of hardship in order to achieve success. He who has no determinative mind would easily give up his work before it is successful. Such a person with weak and unsteady mind should get disappointed easily and disheartened quickly. Even a word of criticism would be adequate to put an end to his projects.
A Bodhisatta, who has an unshakable resolution and who is a man of principles, will never give up his noble effort even at the point of death. He is capable of setting aside any obstacles in his way and going forward, turning his eyes towards his goal.
Our Bodhisatta, when he was Sumedha Pandit, made a firm determination at the feet of the Buddha Dipankara in this way: “O Sumedha, from now onwards you must fulfil the perfection of strong determination as well. Be steadfast in whatever resolution you make.As a rock, even while the wind beats upon it on every side, does not tremble nor quake but remains in its own place, you must likewise be unshaken in your resolution until you become a Sammasambuddha.
Ten paramis:
nekkhamma (renunciation), sila (morality), viriya (effort), panna (experiential wisdom), sacca (truth), khanti (tolerance), metta (unconditional compassion for all beings), upekkha (equanimity), adhitthana (strong determination), dana (donation).
Directions to reach the Global Pagoda 
Online application for beginners' 10-day residential Vipassana courses

Dec 15, 2014

How to Reach Global Vipassana Pagoda, Mumbai, India

All are most welcome to visit the Global Vipassana Pagoda, to immensely benefit from practicing Vipassana - and experience the true work and purpose of human life.
Vipassana is for all (*1).

Visiting the Global Pagoda is free of charge. No entry fee. No charges for the tour guide. 

Timings: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Open all days, including Sunday.
(Ferry Timings: Every 15 minutes from Gorai Jetty. Last ferry to Global Pagoda leaves at 5.25 pm)

* Drinking water, clean wash-room facilities available in the Global Pagoda premises.
* The Food Plaza serves quality vegetarian food at economical prices. Catering for large groups of visitors can be booked at 022-3374 7536.
* Non-commercial photography is permitted - with the understanding that there can be no copyright to any image of the Global Vipassana Pagoda. Visuals are to be made freely available to all for non-commercial use. (* For any clarification, please contact Global Vipassana Foundation, Mumbai, India, Telephone: 91 - 22 - 33747501; Email: pr@globalpagoda.org)

Global Vipassana Pagoda
* Vipassana students - those having completed a 10-day Vipassana course in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin - are welcome to meditate in the Dhamma Hall of the Global Pagoda.

Reaching Global Vipassana Pagoda by Road from Mumbai City / Domestic Airport / International Airport / Railway Stations in Mumbai

Pre-paid taxi services are available at the Mumbai domestic and international airports. Ask  for "Global Vipassana Pagoda" or "Essel World". The Global Pagoda is adjacent to Esselworld Park in Gorai island.

From Bhayandar suburban railway station , Western Railway line (third station after Borivali, from Churchgate station), exit on the western (left) side of station, and take Mira-Bhayandar Muncipal Transport (MBMT) Bus No 4  to Global Vipassana Pagoda, Gorai.(This is considered the more convenient, economical option, as the bus goes right up to the main Myanmar Gate entrance to the Global Vipassana Pagoda.)  

From Borivali Railway station:
A major station in the Western Railway, Mumbai, Borivili is also well connected by Maharashtra State Transport Buses from Thane, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai cities. Please exit from the western side of the station (from Churchgate, the exit is on the left). You can walk to Chandavarkar Road (towards the pedestrian skywalk) which is perpendicular to the railway line on the North End of the station. Shared auto-rickshaws (tuk-tuks) are available., or please take BEST Bus no. 294 and 247 to Gorai Creek (Also known as Gorai ‘Khadi’ in local language). Shared auto rickshaw to Gorai Creek fare is approx Rs 10 (with three other passengers), and can be about three times that amount for single hire.
The Gorai jetty for the ferry to Global Pagoda is about five-ten minutes ride from Borivili  station (3.8 kms).

Other Bus Numbers to Gorai: From Kurla railway station (West) - 309 L; From Mulund station (West) - 460 L;From Ghatkopar Bus Depot - 488 L (please re-confirm before boarding bus)
    Inside the Global Pagoda dome. An architectural wonder as the world's largest stone structure without supporting pillars. This unique Dhamma hall can seat over 8,000 Vipassana students, in group meditation sittings and one-day refresher courses.

    Driving to Global Vipassana Pagoda from Thane / Nashik / Igatpuri / Pune / Navi Mumbai
    Reach State Highway 42 / Ghodbunder Road from NH3 (Agra Road) / Old Agra Road / Eastern Express Highway.
    • Keep going on Ghodbunder Road till you reach NH8, Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway.
    • At the Ghodbunder Junction (Sai Palace Hotel), take a left turn towards Mumbai city.
    • Keep going straight till you reach the Mira-Bhayandar crossing (Shivaji Statue).
    • Take a right turn towards Mira-Bhayandar.
    • Keep going straight till you reach Golden Nest Circle. At the Golden Nest Circle, take a left turn and stay on the main road.
    • Keep going straight till you take a hard right turn at the end of the road. This point will come after Maxus Mall, which comes on your right. After the hard right turn, take a left at the T point junction.
    • Keep following directions to Esselworld or Global Vipassana Pagoda from this point forward.
    • When you reach the Esselworld Parking Lot, go ahead a few metres and take a right turn towards Esselworld. Tell the guard at the security post that you want to go to the Pagoda.
    • Keep going straight till you reach the Helipad. At the Helipad, take a right turn to the Global Pagoda Road through the Sanchi Arch.
    • The Pagoda is about 22 km from the Ghodbunder Junction.

Vipassana students meditating inside the Global Pagoda dome
* Google Map Road directions to Global Vipassana Pagoda, from your location in Mumbai 

Have a happy, most beneficial visit to the Global Pagoda - and a life filled with pure happiness.
For more details, assistance:
Global Vipassana Pagoda
Telephone: 91 22 33747501 (30 lines)
Email: pr@globalpagoda.org

Pagoda Address:

Global Vipassana Pagoda
Next to Esselworld, Gorai Village,
Borivali (West), Mumbai 400091

Postal address:

Head Office Global Vipassana Foundation
2nd Floor, Green House, Green Street, Fort
Mumbai – 400 023
Telephone: +91 22 22665926 / 22664039Fax: +91 22 22664607
Dhamma Pattana Vipassana Centre
Inside Global Vipassana Pagoda Campus
Next to Esselworld, Gorai Village,
Borivali (West), Mumbai 400091
Tel: [91] (22) 3374 7519Fax: [91] (22) 3374 7518
Email: info@pattana.dhamma.org

Online application for 10-day Vipassana courses

Dhamma reasons why no fees are charged for Vipassana courses - including for boarding and lodging
 Rare opportunities to earn and share merits participating in Global Vipassana Pagoda projects

*(1) Buddha: Super Scientist of Peace. Part-1 of Most Compassionate, Most Revered Sayagyi U Goenka's address to the United Nations, New York, 2002.