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Dec 3, 2010

The Vehicle of Liberation

Dhammam Saranam Gachchami.
One's actual surrender is to Dhamma, and only Dhamma - the truth, the universal law of nature.
Dhamma is the Law of Cause and Effect.
Vipassana practice enables living with Dhamma, with the truth, every moment.

The Global Pagoda is a vehicle for sharing the infinite benefits of Vipassana, for the happiness and liberation of all beings, from all suffering and misery:
" The law of Patticca Samuppāda (Dependent Origination) is the universal law of cause and effect: As the action is, so the result will be. Mental volition is the driving force for action at the vocal or physical level. If this driving force is unwholesome, the resultant vocal and physical actions will also be unwholesome. If the seeds are unwholesome, the fruits are bound to be unwholesome. But if this driving force is wholesome, the resultant actions are bound to be wholesome.
For a Vipassana meditator who develops the ability to observe this law at the level of direct experience, the answer to the question “Who am I?” becomes very clear. You are nothing but the sum total of your kamma, your sankhārā (mental conditionings). All your accumulated actions together equal “I” at the conventional level." 

(for full article http://www.vridhamma.org/en2007-07)

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