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Feb 4, 2011

Global Pagoda photographs (January - February 2011)

Near one of the entrances (with white posters outside, on the right) leading to the inner dome meditation hall of the Global Pagoda. Also seen on top-left of picture is one of the two small pagodas. Photographed on February 6, 2011 by Ashish Disawal. More Global Pagoda photographs from this album


Photograph by Amit Kumar

Main entrance to the Global Pagoda structure. Picture shows the wide marble staircase, with people in it, that leads up to the Global Pagoda, after the brief police security checkpoint. Photograph by Paul Sonnerblick

Global Pagoda is lit up by flood lights at night. Photograph by Hitesph

The Global Pagoda can also be seen from air, when civilian aircrafts hover over Mumbai due to air traffic congestion at the Mumbai airport, and particularly seen on the New Delhi - Mumbai air route.