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Apr 15, 2013

Time is Now

"When you can grasp this Dhamma opportunity [to practice Vipassana and serve in Dhamma], grasp it. If you don't take this opportunity and with life being as short as it is, you may die and not meet with such a chance again. You lost it."

Bimbisara, king of Magadha, offering half his powerful kingdom to the ascetic Gotama. "Kingdoms  are not for me. I have already walked away from one," replied the former prince Siddhattha. He was steadfast against all temptations, unshakeable in his renunciation - in urgency of supreme efforts to serve all beings, in the purest, most beneficial way. 

The ascetic Gotama worked on alone with adhitthana, meaning utmost strong determination, to fulfill his Dhamma destiny of re-discovering Vipassana, and serving all beings as a Sammasambuddha.
Through countless aeons and endless time, may every moment of purity from Vipassana practice go for the liberation of all beings