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Feb 24, 2014

Vehicles of Dhamma

" I am merely a medium. Dhamma is doing its own work."
- Most Compassionate Principal Vipassana Teacher Sayagyi U Goenka  

from the Vipassana Research Institute publication For Benefit of Many:

"A large number of suffering people have some unwholesome saṅkhāras accumulated in the past which have brought so much misery to them; but many also have some very good saṅkhāras, and the time has arisen now that the fruit of their wholesome saṅkhāra should come up as the Dhamma. Then who are you or I to give them Dhamma through Vipassana practice? They are receiving Vipassana meditation because of their good karmas of the past. We are just vehicles, that is all.

I keep on telling the story of the puppy walking under the bullock cart.  A bullock cart owner used to transport goods from one place to the other. This man had a small dog. When he traveled from one village to another, he trained the dog to walk under the bullock cart to avoid the sun’s heat. Wherever they traveled, the farmer sat on the bullock cart but the dog walked below in the shade of the cart. 

In time the small dog came to feel that he was carrying the entire burden of the cart,and he wondered why the farmer gave so much attention to the bullocks. He thought, 'I am carrying the burden of this cart! Wherever we travel, it is over my back. More importance should be given to me!' A mad puppy.

Actually, nobody is carrying the cart; the Dhamma is carrying the cart. Nobody should feel, "I am the most important person, it is only because of me that the Vipassana centre functions properly. It is only because of me that the teaching is given, that Dhamma spreads." 

You have been given the opportunity to serve in one way or another, and this should not become a cause of inflating your ego.

Come out of this madness of the ego! Understand that you are simply a vehicle, a tool, and Dhamma is doing its job. If you had not been given this responsibility, somebody else would have taken it and the work would go on. Dhamma is bound to spread now; the clock of Vipassana has struck (*1).

Nobody who serves Dhamma should think like that puppy. You should feel, 'It is Dhamma that is working, and I have a wonderful shelter, I am in the shadow of Dhamma. Good!'

May Dhamma grow. Keep on enjoying Dhamma by growing in Dhamma, under the shelter of Dhamma. May more and more suffering people round the world grow under the shelter of Dhamma, and come out of their misery through practice of Vipassana. May Vipassana be shared for the good of many, for the liberation of many. 

Bhavatu sabba maṅgalaṃ "

(*1) "The Time-Clock of Vipassana has struck..." - Rare audio recording of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, of his discourse on necessity to experience impermanence at level of bodily sensations (anicca) i,e. Vipassana meditation - the subtlest practical science of mind-matter to purify the mind. (26.5 min). Followed by Sayagyi U Goenka answering questions on Vipassana from Ram Singhji, the first assistant teacher appointed. 

 "Those who are giving service should remember that Dhamma is not spreading because of them, but because it is the time for Dhamma to spread. They are just vehicles, and should feel so pleased to be a vehicle. Because of this they are gaining wonderful pāramīs, wonderful paññā and developing their own meditation. This is not an ordinary gain.

May all beings be happy "
Please Note:
Vipassana Newsletters, in various languages published in India and worldwide, serve only as a medium for sharing theoretical aspects of Vipassana, as instructed by the Buddha and accurately translated from the original Pali by Sayagyi U Goenka - to inspire more ardent and correct practice of Vipassana meditation; to communicate Vipassana course schedules, information / notifications pertaining to Dhamma service and sharing of Dhamma worldwide.

Vipassana newsletters are not for publishing any content that can be perceived to be gross or subtle glorification of assistant teachers (or others in Dhamma service).

Don't give the smallest opening for anti-Dhamma forces to enter. And the biggest enemy, the worst weakness is one's own ego.

May all those in Dhamma service be protected from anti-Dhamma forces within, and be able to serve selflessly, in purity, for the benefit of many. May there be no hindrances and disturbance caused by one's own ego and other impurities. May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated.